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Dear Friends

I am pleased (and really excited) to announce my new monthly workshop offering for 2017 “The Right Conversation”

In this workshop we use a conversational format, where we invite everyone to share, ask questions and challenge as we describe the overlapping opportunities (and difficulties) around communication, leadership and creativity.

These are "The Big Three" areas where many of us either get stuck or move forward in a big way. We'll take up these topics in a way that asks participants to consider the experience of others, behavioral and brain science research and their own beliefs, behaviors and results. At the end of the workshop, I expect attendees will come away with new ideas that connect the dots for them - resulting in greater energy as they step up to their chance to create something new in any area of their life.

Feel free to call me (419-348-9602) to explore if "The Right Conversation" is a fit for you
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As always thanks for your interest and support
Rick Beach


Nine out of ten of my past students have told me they will use what they learned, both at home and work - and they plan to build on the ideas in the future. Below is some of their experience in their own words.

"Very applicable to real life situations"

"Rick put our minds to work – asking us some challenging questions"

"I feel I can walk away from this class and look at things with a totally different view"

"We want more classes like this one"

"Rick is a good instructor by listening, involving and describing how to use communication effectively"

"Good thought provoking material"

"Rick did a really great job of stimulating and facilitating instead of simply passing along information"